Prayer Walk Tips



  • Be safe: Walk in well lit areas. Walk in groups of 2 or more.

  • Be discrete. No need to be demonstrative.

  • Do not loiter. Keep on walking and praying.

  • Designate a team leader.

  • Determine a time, place and duration.

  • Determine your route


  • Start your Prayer Atlas App.

  • Start with a Scripture.

  • Start with a purpose, a theme: (family, neighbors, schools, city, municipalities, unreached people group)

  • Start out with silent prayer and prepare your heart.

  • Just start praying…nothing fancy…just start talking.

  • Allow the last 10 minutes for silent listening.


  • Are you being nudged to do something to impact the Kingdom? (Call a friend, help a neighbor, get involved in service, send a check?)

  • Take notes in your Prayer Atlas App of your action items and review often.

  • Pray for courage to act on your action items.


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