prayer atlas App


Prayer can motivate and unify people to boldly reach out, speak out and live out the Gospel. The Prayer Atlas App makes it easy to trace your walk as you pray. Using GPS, it charts your actual route from block to block and stores them for future reference. You can also create and join groups and add notes to your routes for prayer prompts and inspiration. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.50.29 PM.png

How the Prayer Atlas App works:

  • Android and iphone compatible

  • Works wherever there is cell service and Google Maps

  • Zones: Ability for group leader to designate (draw) zones into the app ahead of time and assign people to a zone, as an option. Show zones on a map as people walk.

  • Groups: Add and manage groups. Make them private or public. Public groups will be visible on a list view with group name, description, location, number of members etc. Also adding ability to find public group by location.

  • Journal entries under My Journal are completely private.  Also add a vertical list of entries organized by date and time.

  • Events: Ability to add prayer events with date, time, suggested routes and points of interest. 

  • Filling in Gaps without Cell Service: record locations walked and retain them until back in range of cell service.